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This course is open to:

  • To license RN and LPN
  • To RN and PN Nursing Graduates


This hybrid course is designed for RN’s and LPN’s looking to gain knowledge or expand their skills in intravenous (IV) therapy. This course prepares participants for initiating and/or maintaining common intravenous therapies. Course topics will include:


  • Review of vein anatomy and physiology
  • Indications for IV therapy/Fluid & Electrolyte
  • Infection control/Central line dressing change
  • Nursing management/Legal issues within the scope of practice
  • Parenteral therapy including TPN/PPN
  • Blood and blood components
  • Nursing assessment/Dosage calculation
  • Documentation and common IV drugs will be discussed



This course encompasses minimum competencies for Florida IV certification and the regulations and scope of practice rules.


  • 8 hours of didactic/skill
  • 22 online theory


Course Fees Include:

  • 30 hours CEU
  • Classroom instruction taught by licensed nurses
  • Supplies for IV therapy skills


Contact Educare Envision Educational Services for more information and class start date.


Intravenous Therapy Course PN and RN

  • $50.00 Non-refundable Registration fee (included)

    Plus the cost of books (may purchase at the school but limited amount of books for sale. Cost $45)

    Cost of books and $3.00 convenience fee not included

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